alert team logoThe objective of the Lions ALERT Program is to develop a plan of action in case of:

Level One Emergency affecting a few people
Level Two Emergency affecting a community
Level Three Emergency affecting hundreds or thousands of people in a region


  • Establish a District Emergency Fund so in the event of an emergency we would have some immediate accessible funds.
  • Also, attempt to get the Emergency Fund built up to the point that in the case that another District or State etc. had a huge disaster we could actually send a contribution to support their relief efforts.  When the tornado hit Joplin many Clubs and Districts sent donations to help.  Helen Keller said it best, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
  • Also, develop a District Policy concerning any donations for disasters in other Districts once the Emergency Fund is established.

M6 Alert Chair Communications/Goals:

  • Alert Chair will make contact with each Club to inform them about what ALERT is and how they can get involved.  Encourage and promote Club ALERT plans
  • Alert Chair will be available to do programs for Clubs.  Encouraging Lions to work together
  • Alert Chair will develop a “calling tree” to get the word out to the entire District in the event of an Emergency or a disaster.
  • Alert Chair will collect funds donated by clubs and turn them in to the Cabinet Treasurer.
  • Alert Chair will make recommendation to the District Governor and assist in assessment in the event of an emergency or disaster.
  • Alert Chair will make recommendation to the District Executives if a donation to another District seems appropriate.
  • Alert Chair will assist if needed to determine division of funds and plan of action in the event the District would receive LCIF Emergency Grant funding.
  • Alert Chair will organize District training classes or seminars for those interested. Encourage at least one from each club attend training to bring back to their own clubs.
  • Alert Chair will work with the Public Relations Chair to “Alert” news and local media.
  • Alert Chair will remind Lions to wear Lions-logo apparel and signs when serving.  Possibly design Alert T-Shirts to wear during Alert activities.
  • Alert Chair will meet with the District Alert Committee to further develop the District’s Plan no less that twice per Lion year.
Alert Chairperson: 
Lion Kevin Cantrell

(417) 880-2870
Immediate Past District Governor
(rotating annually)
Lion Junior Nease
Marshfield Lions Club
(417) 880-8499
Lion Willie Williams
Miller Lions Club
(417) 576-7148
PDG Debbie Cantrell
Lebanon Host
(417) 664-2885
PDG Gordon Wellman
Joplin Host
(417) 781-0967